Puppy/Dog is guaranteed to be in good health upon leaving Seller's premises. Buyer agrees to have a Veterinarian confirm the good health of the dog within three (3) working days after receipt of the puppy. If a Veterinarian certifies the dog not to be in good health during that time period, Buyer has the right to return dog to Seller within 24 hours after Veterinary examination and will receive a full refund of the sales price. Refund will be sent to Buyer after the dog, any AKC Registration papers and written Veterinarian certification is received by Seller. Buyer forfeits his return/refund rights if the above time schedule is not adhered to since Seller cannot be responsible for possible infectious exposures to dog while dog is not in Seller's care. All Veterinarian fees, medicines, travel, shipping and any quarantine necessary will be the responsibility of the Buyer.

Puppy/Dog is guaranteed for two years from the date of receipt against life threatening Genetic defects. If such a problem is found, Buyer can exchange for another puppy. An necropsy must be performed at the Buyer's expense and the cause of death verified by a licensed Veterinarian before a replacement puppy will be provided.

Buyer agrees to provide proper shelter, maintain dog on sound diet, Veterinary care, proper grooming, and exercise for this dog. This includes not allowing dog to jump on and off high places or on hard surfaces. This can cause hip dysphasia and it is known that more than half of the cases of HD are not genetic but acquired as a result of improper care/feeding/lack of exercise. This also causes patella problems in the Maltese.

If at ANY time in the dog’s life, you cannot or will not care for it, the dog must be returned to me. You may never resell, adopt or otherwise relinquish ownership or possession of the dog without my written permission.

No puppy will be held without a $500.00 non-refundable deposit.

No guarantee is made as to disposition, confirmation, and size.

Seller will refund no money to Buyer except under the expressed conditions stated. Upon physical possession of this dog, Buyer agrees to be responsible for all costs and expenses related to this dog.

Buyer agrees that this puppy is being sold as a companion pet. Buyer agrees to spay/neuter this animal at an age appropriately determined by a Veterinarian of the Buyer’s choice. Seller will retain the AKC Registration Application until proof of sterilization (performed by a licensed Veterinarian) is furnished; at which time the AKC Registration Application will be mailed to Buyer. 

This agreement constitutes the entire meaning and understanding between the parties and is entered into by both parties for the protection and well being of this dog.

No part of this agreement is transferable.

Puppy Contract